Semester Break


It was a funnn break!

I had lots of good food, like rice,
street burgers,

orange(s), #GongXiFaCai



and mooree, all safe in my belleyy!

As part of my resolution to watch (and re-watch) 100 films this year, I watched quite a number of movies during this short break,

I missed "The Insurgent" last year, I was busy and I heard bad reviews, so I skipped it. Finally watched it this year, and heyyyyy it is so good! I cannot wait for the final sequel!

I've watched "The DUFF" too. It's a funny one. A rom-com. The story is very light and addictive, right up my alley! I stayed up just to watch it.

For keepsake, among other movies I've watched and re-watched this year are:
1. Dilwale
2. Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Road Chip
3. The 5th Wave
4. American Horror Story : The Coven
5. Burlesque
6. Ola Bola
7. 16 Wishes
8. Legally Blonde
9. The Insurgent
10. The DUFF
P/S: At this rate I'm not sure if I'll be able to hit the hundred mark. Errr....

During the holiday, I spent times with my family and relatives too. And we played games for hours.

One hour we were racers, and next we were bus drivers, and for the longest hours, we were running a doughnut shop like a business mogul. We were really systematic and dynamic. if I were to start a venture, NOW I know who I should call to be my business buddy.

This semester break was also hottest. Fans were on full blast, bottles of water were kept in the fridge, showers just got longer. And clinic? Your new best friend.

Fever, headache, sore throat, cough, welcome to the hood.

On cooler days, I tried to be out and about, and...

It's Chinese New Year, which also meant long holidays!

I've made peace with the traffic because I wasn't the one driving, and alsooo, because I love all the deco!

Anyhoots, the fun needs to stop for now because I need to get back into groove. I have one final battle of hectic semester!

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  1. i demand credit for downloading that insurgent movie for you~