5 Things I Want to be Better at in 2016


2016 is freaking me out already. I am turning 24, monetary and non-monetary responsibilities are coming my way. I cannot believe how fast time flies. I know that one should not chase after perfection, but I am still lacking in so many areas and I don't feel ready.

So last night, I was up, making a list on my mind of the things that I have to work & improve on.

1. Waking Up Early
This is number one because it is something that I feel is the easiest/most feasible. I love mornings, but when I don't have anything scheduled in the morning, I tend to not function during the a.m.

This year, I need to schedule more important agendas during the morning so that I don't have anymore reason to sleep in.

2. Studying & Learning
I don't like studying. "Like who does? *insert derp face*". Well, (surprised!) my sister does. I have been taking a lot of studying advice from her and I want to keep on improving. I am a visual and experiential learner, some of the styles that work on my sister, does not really fit me. I want to spend this year working on a style that is right for me.

Not only that, I want to learn and make use of my knowledge, turn my knowledge into skills, and leverage it to be strengths of mine. Practice, practice, practice.

3. Making Videos
Now this is becoming my major focus as this is what I've been learning for the past semester, and am going to learn in the next semester. Coming from a different background, I started with zero knowledge and have learnt a lot.

I want to keep learning but also make something that I can call mine. I want this to be the extension of what I have studied, because learning should not meet a dead-end. I've dipped my toes into production, and it was hell-ish. But, this is where I want to test my abilities and tenacity, and really make it work.

4. Communicating
This is complicated. My skill is not bad, but some days, it can't be very bad. Ya, feel me?

I've realized that communication takes real effort and I want to put in more effort into socializing, making accurate and meaningful conversation (often times people misunderstood me). I want to make more effort in conversing with my family and friends. and bring smiles into people's life.

I really lack the skill of explaining and make people understand. I realised that I need to be present, my mind should not be elsewhere. I want 2016 to be the year I can work on improving that flaw.

5. Critical Thinking
I used to cry a lot because my critical thinking was bad, I was bad (not as good as my sister) in mathematics, science, physics, biology, you get the point. I used to blame my left-handedness (my sister is right-handed), I forced myself to write with my right hand. I felt stupid.

Those days are long gone, I've made peace with my left hand. As much as I have embraced my left-handedness (read: creative thinking, as they said), I wish to work on my critical side.

I have zero idea on how to make that happen, but I'll figure it out.


Among other flaws that I wish to work on are courage, confidence, humbleness, boldness, integrity, and the list goes on. One step at a time. ;)

What do you think?

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