So much for 30 Days of Dare HAHAHA! I gave up after like whutt, five posts? Shameful.
I have my reasons tho...
a) I shifted my focus on another project,
b) I got a bit busy with school
c) writer's block.

I have been learning a lot at school. Recently, I've made not one, but two 360 videos! It was sucha paaaain to make, but so worth it! I am still new, so I really struggled, a lot, (and at some points, I hated it) but at the end of it, I had a ton of fun. It was difficult to fine tune the setting, and complicated to get the editing right. But, it's all good now, all good! Check out my video, I put it up on my sister's Youtube channel.
One frustration that I have is the pixel. It simply cannot be HD no matter how I do it, and it is the weakness of 360 videos right now, I am not gonna get techy and explain, but, please bear with me until the world figures how to solve this one out!

I have one on my channel too! It's an extended version hehee!

I have made a website to go along with it as well! Check it out!

Not only that, for this semester, I have made a persuasive poster for The Global Goals, info-graphic poster of an instructional thesis, an advertorial video of a coffee shop, a very very short 3D animation video, even a dummy and real Youtube channel for an instructional video assignment!
It was a steep learning curve, that's fosho!

One of my poster. Anyway, have you heard of The Global Goals?

At the same time, I was also helping out 2015 ConvEx team with publicity! We had Pink October challenge, countdown and a lot more!

What's next is, exam and I am planning on uploading more videos on my Youtube channel or my sister's. That should be fun!

I have learnt a lot. I've loved it so far, because that is what I wanted, to learn as much as I can. And wonderful memories that I have made, I feel so blessed.

It had been a roller-coaster ride, for the past few months. Gotta admit that I had a thought of deleting my blogs (here and Wordpress) because I no longer update them and it makes feel like there is no use on keeping them anymore. But, I do truly love writing and I don't want to just get rid of precious valuables just because I feel like it. Everything I have written are my memories.
I know that from time to time, I might have other matters to focus on, and from time to time to, I shall have my rest, but I won't give this up. So, here is to not giving up!
And Happy New Year!


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