The Truth


This is the fifth-post of #30DaysDare.

My sister dared me to write about truth. Very vague. I had no idea what would I write about. And due to uhm unforeseen circumstances this post is delayed, for more than a couple days.


My sister wrote about her inspiration drought. Hey, same here! Here is how I draw my inspiration, from watching a drama. I find myself being able to relate to the character(/s). And somehow, I found my truth.

For starters, Liar Game, as the title suggests, the drama is about a game to find the best liar. With tons of money to be won, it wasn't so difficult to turn people against each other, and soon enough players start manipulating and lying and tricking one another. The addiction comes from the lies, it gets better with every stage. But one character remains level-headed with pure intention.

I find myself questioning how uncommon honesty has become.

As if that is not bad enough, I realised that I too, had so much difficulty to answer to my sister's dare; to be honest and speak of a truth. How difficult can it be? Turns out it was hell for me. 

I did my bit of self-reflection and errr now I have the courage to say truthfully, that I am honestly a very angry person. 

But, I had put that side of me away, and I made a conscious effort to be better. I chose kindness and happiness. I carefully mind my personality and my emotions. I believed that if I put enough effort, I can be different. 

And I did. I did convinced some people. But, I didn't do so well in convincing myself.

I can easily revert to my old self.
Whenever I get taken for granted, whenever I get underestimated, whenever I get questioned for my honesty.
I hold grudges.
I watch people believing that I am the type of person I had crafted for them to see.

Tell me if that is not hypocrite, then what am I actually?

Urm, I am not so sure myself.

So, a question remains unanswered, what is my true self?
Now, I dare my sister to answer the question. A word of advice would be nice.
Good luck!

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