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Master's Degree


September 3rd, 2015
I was dead-set on getting right into a job as soon as I completed my internship. Until I decided to just go for a Master's in whichever field I feel close to my heart. #justdoit

And I chose, Multimedia!

I was on the fence between IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) and Multimedia. It makes more sense if I stay in my field and go for IMC, but there's no challenge there. It feels too right that it seems wrong. 


So, I chose the latter for one and one reason only, I do not want to spend the next 30, 40 years of my life pining over lost opportunity, thinking of what it would be like if I had studied Multimedia. 

It is definitely out of the field of my mastery, but the whole of point of education is to learn, isn't it? So, here I am, dying to learn - learning something new.

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But, obviously I can't reason with my mum with such vague arguments. So, I presented it with opinions I gathered from spending six months in FMCG, that I feel are somewhat more reasonable :

1. Digital Shift
Corporate sectors are moving into digital but lacking talents with sufficient knowledge. Digital is now a must, it is no longer an option. This Master's Degree will provide me with an edge to differentiate me when I dive into the talent pool.

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2. Multiple Perspectives
I spent years studying business & marketing, and USM had successfully molded me with a marketeer's mindset. But, if I want to improve, I need to be able to understand different angles and to think in various ways. To acquire the skill would require me to migrate from my usual norms. Truth is, #letsflee.

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3. Take A Risk
Life is basically, day-in-day-out. Life is already a bore on its own. I need to spice it up a little. The path may not be the safest nor the best, and mum might be worried. Fear not dearest mum because your daughter is a warrior. #makemumproud


You made it till here, WOW! Thank you. If you know me, I am super-lol in person. Despite all the things I've said, my main goal in life is to pursue Master's degree and Ph.D remain vibrant and happy. Cool to be serious for a minute, but come on, lighten up, okay!
Have a nice day!
P/S :
Anyway, wish me luck!

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