Chapter One


Hello there!

Good day. 

I'm so close to saying "Nice to meet you", but that is not legit, right? So, good day, it is.


This is a blog that I have kept for years. Began on January 2012, this blog was my platform to connect with close friends.
However, fast-forward two years later, the younger me went ballistic and deleted all my past entries. I did a major spring-clean to prepare myself for a more professional life and this tiny space was left squeaky clean. Soon, this blog went on a hiatus. 

And because I'm such a fickle-mind, I went on a platform-hop spree; from tumblr, to wordpress, and now I am back, ladies! That is very sexist, I got it.

A snippet for introduction, I am a twenty-something, very basic girl. In 2015, I took a huge leap by spending six months interning for a big beauty company. En route to graduation, I decided to dedicate Life After Graduation as a documentation of all my experiences; lifestyle, education, career, to name a few, starting from the end of my Bachelor's Degree.

So, hi. This is my life after graduation.

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