Last night, my sister and I have agreed to battle on a 30-day blog challenge. Bad move, Bahiyah. Bad move. My sister is one heck of a brilliant writer, she is an avid reader and a linguistic star student. She provides great content e-ve-ry-time.  

I love her writing, but she hasn't been writing lately. Instead of backing down, I chose to go ahead and sacrificed myself for the game. This is a way to lure her back into the writing scene, and this is also a fun way to turn writing into a game. Oooh, I love games. I am aware that there are tons of similar challenge around. Here is our own spin :
We will take turn to write for 30 consecutive days, but each one of us will dare the other with a title-of-the-day. Just like any other sports game (ie: badminton, tennis, etc), once I've served, she responds. She HAS to respond, are you reading this, Ira? In her next post, she will write based on the title I dared her with, and the game goes on back-and-forth.

hirasawa yui yui hirasawa gif

That is the initial idea. Let's hope it works!

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